Faramir's ensemble features dark brown cotton drawstring pants and a fully-lined olive green twill front-close cotehardie with short over sleeves and long brown under sleeves. Over the top is worn a side-lacing brown leather doublet with matching vambraces. The cotehardie is split front and back for riding. The tree of Gondor is embroidered on the doublet and the vambraces.
$550.00 as shown.
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We clothed the couple at left as Arwen and Faramir for a wedding party.
"I wanted to say thank you again, for such a fantastic job!! I, myself, wore mine for Halloween in the office. Everyone said the dress was beautiful and the pictures did not do it justice. To see the bead detail up close, they said, was amazing. Thanks again!" Lauren C., via email - 2004

To see the Arwen gown in more detail, click here.


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